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Computer Software

We have several free programs available to help you play Middle-earth. These are designed to help you with all aspects of playing Middle-earth, from understanding your turn reports to writing your orders.

Order Writing

There are two programs to choose from, Automagic and MEOW, both of which will help you to write your orders, and send them to us to be processed. In addition, Orderchecker will look at your orders and tell you if you have made any mistakes.


Two more programs, Palantir and Archon, help you map Middle-earth, keeping track of armies, characters and settlements, both yours and those you have sighted belonging to the enemy. Map information can be shared between members of your team to aid in organisation and planning.

Information Gathering

Autominister helps you keep track of information, both about your nation, the nations belonging to your team-mates, and even the information you have discovered about your enemies. Automatically taking this information from your turn, it is invaluable in every aspect of decision-making.
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