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JOverseer is an all-in-one program which combines the functionality of a mapping program, an order entry program, an economy calculator program and much more. It reads both XML and PDF files, providing rich information about the game. It can be used to write your orders and draw them on the map to better visualize your plans. It also comes integrated with Orderchecker so you can check your orders, and an economy calculator so you can plan your economy.

Note that in order to install and run JOverseer, you first need to install Java.

JOverseer installation instructions:
  1. Click the link above to download the the JOverseer installer program.
  2. Double click the the file to run it and follow the prompts to install the program in the default directory (should pick up old games etc).
  3. Note, on Win8/8.1 computers Windows Smartscreen may pop up with a warning about running the program, Click MORE INFO and then click RUN ANYWAY.

  4. If JOverseer does not run after installing Java and JOverseer, it may be that your computer is not linking programs to Java properly. Download this old help file and follow the steps to check the PATH settings on your computer.

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