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Automagic is an Excel file created by Mike Mulka. It can be used to input your orders, and has the following features:
  • Simple order input system, listing your characters and providing full order listings.
  • Orders checked to catch many common errors, to help prevent you from sending a bad set of orders.
  • Generates an orders output file you can e-mail directly to us
  • Utilises the new XML files included with your turn results to effortlessly import the latest data from your current turn.
  • Economics, Combat and Bribery calculators.
  • Turn Orders Version Numbers: each time you make a new version of your turn, automagic saves the file with an incremented version number so that old orders are not lost.
  • Artefact and relations data based on the scenario and nation.
  • Extra tools and information to help you play the game.

Screenshot from Automagic showing the order entry screen

Screenshot from Automagic showing the economic calculator

Screenshot from Automagic showing one of the information pages

Screenshot from Automagic showing the battle calculator

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