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The following equations explain exactly how each rating is calculated. There’s quite a bit of maths involved, so you might want to take it rating by rating and think about each before looking at the next. There are also plain English equations and examples, which should help. Note that unless otherwise specified, a position that is dropped counts as a loss.


There is no change in your rating if there was a draw, if you won the game you add the change, if you lost the game you subtract the change.

New Valar Rating = Original Rating + Change

Where: Change = 45 + (TotLose - TotWin )/150

TotLose = Total of the Original ratings of the Losing team
TotWin = Total of the Original ratings of the Winning team

Neutrals that do not change allegiance are counted as losing players for their rating adjustment, but not for the total of the losing team’s rating.

The Free Peoples win on turn 30 with 11 players on their team. The losing team (DS) had 13 players on their team before the inevitable drops. One Neutral dropped and was not taken up.

The Free People (winners) have a rating of:
NationOriginal Rating
Eothra1200 (got knocked out on turn 5 but still counts)
Total (TotWin)15768

The Dark Servants (losers) have a Rating of:
Nation Original Rating
WitchK1290 (died on turn 8)
DogL1400 (dropped out two turns before the end of game)
QuieA1500 (new player so given default Provisional rating of 1500)
FireK1600 (ran the Fire King and the Long Rider)
Total (TotLose) 19665

Rhudaur was Neutral throughout the game so counts as losing. We’ll come to that one later.

So. Change = 45 + (19665 - 15768) /150
= 45 + 25.98 = 71 (round to nearest)

So the Dwarf’s new score is: 1700 + 71 = 1771, and the Blind Sorcerer’s new score is:1784 – 71 =1713

Note - The Rhudaur player, who remained neutral all game loses 71 points. His previous rating does not impact on the calculation. The Fire King and the Long Rider’s score is affected only once despite the fact that the player is running two positions.


RatNew = RatOrig + (TmAv/RatOrig) x Score x Square Root of EndTurn

RatNew = New player rating
RatOrig = Original player rating
TmAv = Your team’s average rating at game end (worked out in the same manner as the Valar ratings)
Score = Score for the game where S = 4 Win, = 3 Draw, = 2 Loss
EndTurn = Generic turn number the game Ended


On turn 30 Dark Servants win. Their Average Rating is 1400. If I am a winner on that team and I went into the game with a Maia rating of 1250, my new Maia Rating would be:

= 1250 + (1400/1250 x 4 x squre root of 30 )
= 1250 + (1.12 x 4 x 5.477)
= 1250 + 25 (rounding nearest)
= 1275

If I were on the losing side (FP) with the same start rating (and the average FP team rating was 1600) then my new Maia Rating would be:

= 1250 + (1600/1250 x 2 x 30)
= 1250 + (1.28 x 2 x 5.477)
= 1250 + 14 (rounding nearest)
= 1264


Victory Points refers to the final score of each player, not including those gained through completion of individual victory conditions.

Each scenario will have ratings for the individual nation. So there will be a total of 25 from 1650, 25 from 2950, 3 from Fourth Age and 5 from Bofa. Fourth Age will be for North Kingdom, South Kingdom and normal nation.

We’ll show the top 10 ratings on the website and occasional Brees. This will be presented under the title "Top nations".

In addition there will be an overall Istari rating for that player.

New Istari Rating = Original Rating + (VictPoints – AveRateNtn)

VictPoints = Victory Points scored for that nation without Victory conditions
AveRateNtn = Average rating of that Nation at game end.

With multiple nations you will alter your score multiple times for that game.

Example Your Istari rating is 1600. A 1650 game ends with you as the Woodmen and the Northmen scoring 1050 and 1300 respectively. If the average ratings of Woodmen before that was 1100 and Northmen 1150 then your new Istari Rating would be:

Woodmen = 1600 + (1050 – 1100)
= 1600 – 50
= 1550

Northmen with your new I Rating = 1550 + (1300 – 1150)
= 1550 + 150
= 1700

So your new rating would be 1700.


Grudge game: a Grudge Team is defined as any group of players which has at least 5 members of the same team as played together before. It also has same designated Team Co-ordinator. Members can come and go as long as 5 players of the original team remain.

If you make a change to a team roster between games you lose ( C x C ) points, where C = number of players changed. This means you lose 1 point if you change 1 team member on the roster, 4 points if you change 2, and 25 points if you change 5 etc.

Two examples of Grudge teams: Sam Roads’ ‘Team GM’, or Ben Shushan’s ‘USA1’

Grudge games can occur across the spectrum of gaming formats, with a minimum of 10 nations filled a-side. Many players will never play a grudge game because they prefer different formats, so they need not worry about Ainur ratings.

There is no change in your rating if there was a draw, if you won the game you add the change, if you lost the game you subtract the change.

The Ainur rating is applicable to the team, not the individual players.

New Grudge rating = Original Grudge rating + Change
Change = 60 x ( GruOrigLose / GruOrigWin) x ( ActWinNtn / NumNtn)

GruOrigLose = Original Grudge rating of Losing team
GruOrigWin = Original Grudge rating of Winning team
ActWinNtn = Number of Active nations on winning side at game end
NumNtn = Number of nations per side at game start

Winning Grudge team has an original rating of 1500, losing team of 1450. It started as a 12v12 game and the winning team lost 4 nations by the end of the game so ended with 8 active nations.

Change = 60 x ( 1450/1500 ) x ( 8/12 )
= 60 x ( 0.97 ) x ( 0.67 )
= 39 ( rounded to nearest )

So the winning team would walk away with a new rating of 1539 points and the losers would skulk off with a new rating of 1411 points.

Council of the Wise

At the end of each game players will be given the opportunity to vote for their team-mates. Vote for players by filling in the following form and getting it back to us. You cannot vote for yourself. You can only vote for a player once in each of the categories. The deadline is 2 weeks after the end of the game.


Dear Player, please return this slip with your nomination for the players who contributed most to Game # ______

The players whom you feel contributed most to your team’s effort to win:

1st ____________________

2nd ____________________

3rd ____________________

1st Fred Bloggs, Northmen

2nd John Doe, Eothraim

3rd Paddy McDermitt, Arthedain

List the three nations on your team that you feel have been played best. Please take into account the different potentials and contributions of the various nations:

1st ____________________

2nd ____________________

3rd ____________________


1st ____________________


Your Name __________________

Your Account number __________________

Guidelines for voting:
These are some of the ones that have been suggested as useful criteria for voting: Best Team Player: Co-ordination, data gathering and mapping, suggestions, overall tactics, assistance to less experienced players, neutral wooing, error checking, morale management,

Best played Nation: skill at playing a nation, success with nation, small scale tactics.
Best played Enemy: impact that nation had on the team, interesting dialogue, fun I had playing against a particular nation are some of the criteria you might want to consider.


Nazgul rating = Winning% = GamWon / GamStTa

GamStTa = Games Started or Taken over except those later dropped
GamWon = Number of Games won.

If you had played 5 games and won 4 of them you would get a Nazgul rating of 4/5 = 80%.

Multiple positions in games only count once. We would not include Bofa.

Monthly Adjustments

In addition at the end of every 1 month we’ll run a normalising equation on:
Vala, Maia, Ainur (ie the Ainur database and Team Rating), Istari player rating in the main databse (not the databse of Top Nations in each scenario),

Nazgul and Council are not Adjusted.

New Adjusted Rating = [0.98 x ( Original Rating – 1500 )] + 1500

A rating of 1850 will be modified down to 1843 after one month and down to 1836 after two months
New Rating = [0.98 x ( 1850 – 1500)] +1500 = [0.98 x 350] + 1500
= 1843

(1500 is the average, or the start rating. We will give people approximate ratings when we start doing this. We’ll discuss these approximate ratings in a different article.)
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