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There are six ratings:
Note that you don’t need to do anything to get these ratings, we’ll do all the work...!


This is based on similar ratings found in other games such as chess. The quality of both teams is taken into account, as is the division of the neutrals. (If this rating becomes popular, it will have a balancing effect on the neutrals, since it would be detrimental to one’s rating to be a neutral player a game where your side has too many neutral nations and the game ends too quickly.)


Designed to be similar to ‘experience points’ familiar with most role-playing gamers. This will show how much experience you have at playing Middle-earth. You get more points for winning than for losing, and also get more points if you play with other more experienced players.


Individual success, based on ability to score well for a particular nation relative to how that nation is normally scored at the end of the game. You will have a rating for each nation, as well as an overall rating.


A rating for Grudge teams. This rewards Grudge teams who win without losing too many nations along the way.

Council of the Wise

Based on player votes. At the end of the game players vote for members of their team who they believe performed the best.


A rating based on a combination of experience and percentage of wins.


Grudge teams are all listed (if you want to rename them then please get in touch). Active players will receive a monthly email with their ratings in it, and the website will also be updated monthly. If you wish to opt out of the PRS then do please get in touch and we’ll be happy to remove you from this list.

To establish the initial ratings we sent out a survey asking how long you have played, how many games you have won in that period, and how many grudge games played. That was then weighted with the details that we have collated over that period to give you a rank in each of the 6 ratings.

Each of these ratings will be updated at the end of a game. If more than one player ran a nation, then the last player who ran that particular nation will be considered to have run the nation for the purposes of the ratings. (This means that a player who runs a nation, then stops and another player takes over, will not be counted for any of these ratings.)

If you are in more than one game, then, your rating could well be different by the end of a game to what it was when you started it. In these cases it is always your current rating that will be used to calculate your new ratings. So if you start one game with 1,500 points, then lose 50 from another game, when the game ends your ratings will be based on 1,450 as your ‘original rating’.

Any games which begin with less than 20 positions will not count towards the reatings. Each rating will also alter as time goes on to show a true status of active players. So as time passes, players who have not played recently will find their scores dropping, whilst active players will remain at the top of the tables.

Click Here to see the current PRS Ratings.
Click Here to see the equations used for the PRS Ratings.