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The following are variants of the traditional modules, created to add further variety.

If you wish to play in a particular variant, keep your eyes open for new games starting, else Contact Us to ask for a particular variant to be run, and if we have enough requests, we will do so!

Alternatively, if you have your own ideas for a new variant, again, please get in touch - we would love to hear your ideas.

Click Here to view detailed rules changes for the variants, or see below for general descriptions.

1650 and 2950 Module Variants: 2950 Variants: Battle of the Five Armies Variants:

12 vs 12

This variant of both 1650 and 2950 modules sees one of the neutral positions removed from play and the remaining four neutral positions divided amongst the Free People and the Dark Servants at game start. Typically, the Easterlings are removed, Rhudaur and Harad allied to the Dark Servants, and the Dunlendings and Corsairs allied to the Free Peoples in the 1650, with a similar division in 2950 module. This variant is typically chosen by groups of players who wish to join up as large teams. A derivation of this is the 10 vs 10 variant, where all the neutral nations are removed at game start.


In this variant of both 1650 and 2950 modules no diplomacy is allowed, nor any form of contact between members of the same allegiance. Often, each player runs two nations.

All Neutral

In this variant of both 1650 and 2950 modules the standard conflict between Good and Evil is done away with. Instead, it’s everyone for himself, though removal of the old division of good vs evil means that unusual alliances can be formed.

War of the Ring

This is a variant of the 2950 module, where starting nations are ‘boosted’ so that they are of similar strength to 1650 starting nations, with larger armies, and upgraded population centres.

Advanced Battle of the Five Armies

This uses the Battle of the Five Armies nations, but with the full 1650 rules. Some games are set to end on turn 10, others are open-ended.
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