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Many are the tales told of the heroes of the War of the Ring, of the time when Sauron’s evil was finally overturned, and his dark shadow banished from the lands of Middle-earth. Of Frodo, the Ring-bearer, and Sam his constant companion. Of the deeds of Aragorn, rightful heir to the throne of Gondor, and those who stood with him. Of Gandalf, servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Arnor, and the bringer of hope. And right it is that these tales are told, for such things should never be forgot.

Yet theirs is not the whole tale. For even as they struggled and fought, so too did all who would be free, all who would rather die than submit to evil and darkness. And had they not have done so, who is to say but that all of Aragorn’s trials, all of Frodo’s travails, would not have been in vain, and all undone in the end?

Wherever the Company of Nine journeyed, darkness followed after, and oft was it left to those who remained behind to face it. In Lorien, three times did Galadriel and her people of the Golden Wood repulse the forces of Dol Guldor, that dreadful fortress in Mirkwood, ancient home and bastion of Sauron, which was the source of the forest’s poison. In Rohan, too, even when Saruman’s forces had been routed at Helm’s Deep, so there still came others after them, both man and orc, to threaten the homes and homesteads of the Riders. And surely the goblins of Moria, stirred like ants in a nest by the passing of the Company, did not then easily return to the deep, but, awoken to the darkness spreading across the land, went forth as they had so many times before, to fall upon the defences of Rivendell, and scour also the Vale of Anduin, east of the Misty Mountains.

Yet that was not all. For east of Mirkwood, where the hobbit Bilbo had once journeyed in quest to the Lonely Mountain, the men of Dale and the Dwarves of Erebor, their ancient quarrels forgot, stood side by side against the forces of Sauron, against orcs and goblins and men of the east and things worse still. For great was the might of Sauron, and many his armies to command, and those that issued forth from Mordor to fall on Gondor were but a part of their number.

This, then, is the Untold War of the Ring. And no lesser were the victories won therein, and no greater the sacrifices made, than those by Aragorn or by Boromir, by Frodo or by Theoden. So remember them, and remember them well, that the darkness they faced and overcame in their time does not come to be replaced by the dim dark of forgetting today.

  • A limited turn game lasting 13 turns.
  • Two teams of five nations battling on a restricted map with upgraded starting characters makes for an intense game.
  • New team-based victory conditions.

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