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Set in the time of the Gondor civil war in Third Age Circa 1440, Castamir the Usurper has taken the crown of Gondor for his own. However, rallying the Free Peoples, Eldacar, the Once and Future King, now returns from exile in Mirkwood to reclaim his throne, whilst the forces of Mordor watch from the shadows, seeking to take advantage of the failing watch. Meanwhile, others seek to turn the conflict to their advantage, from the renewed assaults of the Easterling tribes to the mercenary dealings of the Dwarves.

With Gondor at its epicentre, the effects of the civil war are felt throughout Middle-earth, drawing all peoples into its conflict.

  • Customisable nation set-ups, with each nation having its own strengths and abilities.
  • New nations, characters, riddles, abilities and even a new map make this a truly new module.
  • 14 nations enables more manageable teams
Please note that the module is intended for experienced players only. If you are new to MEPBM, why not try an introductory game of our Battle of the Five Armies module?

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