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This page is for players with a Middle-earth account to add credit to that account.

This credit will then be used to pay for turns and start-ups in new games.

You can pay by any of the following means:

Secure Online Credit Card Payment

This enables you to make a credit card payment online in the currency of your choice, through Worldpay, one of the world's most trusted online payment companies.

Please read through the following information for your peace of mind then complete the form below, after which you will be taken to Worldpay's secure site to enter your credit card details and choose the currency in which you wish to pay (GBP, $USD, $AUD or EUR).

Worldpay - Secure credit card facility

Many players have worries about the safety of credit card transactions that are made online. We use a system developed by Worldpay, the second largest internet payment-system provider, in conjunction with Natwest bank. Here are two excerpts from the Worldpay questions and answers page of their website www.worldpay.com.

"How secure is WorldPay?

"WorldPay uses state of the art security tools and techniques, both proprietary and unique, to ensure that you and your shopper are protected against what is nowadays a virtually non-existent risk. Our systems also have inbuilt system redundancy and fault tolerance, to provide you with a virtually uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our systems have evolved over many years and throughout our history we have continuously sought and gained bank approval for our systems.

"If the shopper keys in their card details at home or in the office, surely they are not encrypted until after they arrive at the WorldPay system?

"Using industry standard SSL, Thawte and WorldPay unique encryption systems, this is not actually the case. When the shopper fills in the payment form and clicks the submit button, their details are not sent straight away. What actually happens is that a secure link is set up between the shopper's browser and WorldPay and an encryption code is requested and received, which then wraps the order and transaction details before leaving the shoppers premises."







American Express

Add Credit to your Account

Card-holder's Name:

Your Six Digit Account Number, and Name (if different from card-holder's name):

The Currency of your Middle-earth Account:
GBP (Pound Sterling)
$USD (US Dollar)
$AUD (Australian Dollar)
€Euro (Euro)

Amount of Credit to Add to Account:

Direct Payment

This enables you to pay money directly into our account, you will need to make arrangements with your own bank. These arrangements differ between banks, so please contact your bank to find out how to do this.

You will also need our bank details. Please contact us for these.

When you have made a direct payment, you must then contact with the following information:
Your Name
Your Address
Your bank sort code
The name and number of your bank account
Your Middle-earth account number.


Cheques should be made payable to ME Games Ltd, and sent to the following address:

ME Games Ltd
Office A
340 North Road
CF14 3BP
United Kingdom
(cheques to be made out in GBP)

Remember to mention your name, address and your Middle-earth account number.

Cash, Postal Orders and Money Orders

These are all sent at your own risk, and, if you are able, we advise you to pay by a more secure method. However, cash, postal and money orders can be sent to the following address:

ME Games Ltd
Office A
340 North Road
CF14 3BP
United Kingdom
(GBP only)

Remember to mention your name, address and your Middle-earth account number.


In order to pay us by this method, you will need an account with Paypal, which can be set up free at www.paypal.com. When you have set up a Paypal account, you can then pay into our Paypal account by following the instructions on their website.

To do this, you will need to enter our email address, which is me@middleearthgames.com

You will be given the option of sending a message with the payment - please remember to mention your name, address and your Middle-earth account number.
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