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The following are a wealth of articles written by players, covering every aspect of Middle-earth Strategic Gaming.

To the best of our knowledge the information contained within them is correct. However, because they have been written over ten years, during which time some aspects of the game have changed, and because some of what is written is inevitably based on speculation rather fact, we accept no responsibility for any errors that may exist, nor for anything that results from following advice given.

Articles are often discussed on the PBM forum: Click Here to visit the forum and join in!

General Articles

A Beginner's Guide to MEPBM, by Rob Gaul
Advice for Free People, Anon
Downgrade Relations: Order 185, by Jeffry Doberpuhl
Food and Armies, by Richard
Runestone's Guide to Magic Words, by Jeffery Doberpuhl
To Woo a Neutral, by Richard Deveraux

GSI Articles

GSI is the company which owns Middle-earth Strategic Gaming. For many years they ran Middle-earth in the US, and during that time collected together many articles about the game, written by their players. Click on the Ring below to visit the GSI Article mini-site.

GSI Articles

Bobbin's Articles

Bobbins is an old website containing a wealth of information and articles related to Middle-earth Strategic Gaming. Although the site is no longer updated, it is still worth a visit. Click on the Ring below to visit the Bobbins website. Alternatively, if you are looking for the Bobbins encounter information, it can now be found on the new Wiki Encounter site: Click Here to view it.

Bobbins Website

Back Issues of "News from Bree"

From Issue 1 - 30, News from Bree was an unofficial Newsletter written and edited by our players. From Issue 31 onwards, we have edited it ourselves, and so is now the official Middle-earth PBM newsletter. Click on any of the below to download or view online.

Note that in order to view these files, you will need Adobe's Acrobat program. This can be downloaded for free by Clicking Here.

Most Recent Edition:
News from Bree 34 (.pdf 498k)

Back Editions:
News from Bree 1 (.pdf 471k)
News from Bree 2 (.pdf 382k)
News from Bree 3 (.pdf 489k)
News from Bree 4 (.pdf 459k)
News from Bree 5 (.pdf 579k)
News from Bree 6 (.pdf 585k)
News from Bree 7 (.pdf 599k)
News from Bree 8 (.pdf 572k)
News from Bree 9 (.pdf 412k)
News from Bree 10 (.pdf 602k)
News from Bree 11 (.pdf 699k)
News from Bree 12 (.pdf 757k)
News from Bree 13 (.pdf 843k)
News from Bree 14 (.pdf 864k)
News from Bree 15 (.pdf 838k)
News from Bree 16 (.pdf 629k)
News from Bree 17 (.pdf 592k)
News from Bree 18 (.pdf 499k)
News from Bree 19 (.pdf 1428k)
News from Bree 20 (.pdf 871k)
News from Bree 21 (.pdf 870k)
News from Bree 22 (.pdf 478k)
News from Bree 23 (.pdf 512k)
News from Bree 24 (.pdf 699k)
News from Bree 25 (.pdf 1057k)
News from Bree 26 (.pdf 805k)
News from Bree 27 (.pdf 1924k)
News from Bree 28 (.pdf 2644k)
News from Bree 29 (.pdf 2537k)
News from Bree 30 (.pdf 444k)
News from Bree 31 (.pdf 867k)
News from Bree 32 (.pdf 873k)
News from Bree 33 (.pdf 1150k)
News from Bree 34 (.pdf 498k)
News from Bree 35 (.pdf 933k)
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