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Over the years we have had the pleasure of many different people working for us. Currently, however, our staff consists of the following people:

Clint Oldridge

Clint is the director of ME Games Ltd. Clint is married to Helen and has four children, Taliesin, Arianwen, Cerdiwen and Efnysien - good Welsh names; mae e'n dysgu a hyn o bryd. His book collection, now numbering some 3,000, covers three walls of his living room, and threatens the fourth. A keen board gamer and CCGer, if you have any suggestions he'd love to hear from you.

Rob Jones

Rob is our industrial metal expert (the music, not the plant at Port Talbot), and resident martial arts film fanatic. When he is not planning his next attempt at world domination or supporting Llanelli RFC, he specialises in Middle-earth edits.

Edward Lane

Edward runs the German side of the Middle-earth license (http://www.middleearthgames.com/de). He spends most evenings out with his girlfriend Michelle or doing 'something different'. Unicycle hockey (yes that's hockey played whilst riding a unicycle) and juggling seem to be the two that take most of the time at the moment, but all of the following items also figure - Capoeira, trapeze, acrobalance, dancing, eating, drinking, general carousing, gaming, riding, stilts, and playing with fire (literally and figuratively). The rest of his spare time is spent collecting bits of foreign languages and talking to new people. He also does some travelling when he gets a chance. He recently had a go in a german wheel (imagine rolling around in a giant hamster wheel - you will have the right picture) and now wants one for his birthday. And, as you may have guessed from this description he has provided, he does tend to talk more than the rest of us...


Furman is ME Games Ltd's Art Director. The artist currently known as 'Furman' lives in Boston and is a life long 'Lord Of The Rings' fan who has worked as an artist for such diverse companies as Mongoose Publishing, Margaret Weis Prod., Fantasy Flight Games and DC comics. He is greatly looking forward to contributing to ME Games Ltd in 2009 and beyond...
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